The Beauty Business Supplier List Hair styling and wig making tools

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This list is designed for experienced entrepreneurs with existing businesses.

If you are a new entrepreneur, please purchase the 6 in 1 combo list. 

The Beauty Business Supplier List is a list of tried, tested and verified suppliers for wholesalers who wish to start their own business.

Each Supplier has been tested and verified by us and offers great quality and affordable wholesale prices.

Our hair styling and wig making tools list includes 5 tried and verified factories/Suppliers based in China that offer:

Wholesale electric hot combs (all colors)
Wholesale crimper
Wholesale straightener
Wholesale stocking wig cap
Wholesale adjustable wig cap
Wholesale wig stand
Wholesale mannequin head
Wholesale lace
Wholesale ventilating needles
Wholesale curling iron
And so much more

The suppliers/factories also offer Private labelling and can custom print your packaging for hair tools and add your logo according to your design.

The suppliers/factories are based in China and their contact details will be emailed to you after payment.

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Please ensure that your email address is correct as the list will be emailed to you. Please also note that we do not provide suppliers for branded goods. We highly encourage all list buyers to build their own brands. 
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