The beauty business supplier list Online class

NB: This is a DIGITAL product that will be emailed to you. Please ensure that your email address is correct at checkout. No physical products are included as part of our supplier lists. 

The Beauty business supplier list is a list of suppliers, manufactures and factories mainly based in China, and some that are based in South Africa and the United States of America that offer high quality products and services at affordable prices for wholesalers, small businesses and bulk buyers. 

Your supplier list will be emailed to you within 48 hours during our business hours. 

Please note that the prices shown for products from international suppliers are calculated at a set $1/R15 exchange rate.


You will need:

Stable internet connection

PayPal account 

WeChat account

(Your WeChat account must be active and working. This is your responsibility. Unfortunately we unable to assist with WeChat registration. Please ensure that you have this app before purchasing any list from us.)

Whatsapp account

Instagram account

Facebook account

Email address 


*Please note that it is your sole responsibility to have the above and all of the above accounts must be active and working before purchasing a list from us. Please also note that we do not provide suppliers for branded goods. We highly encourage all list buyers to build their own brands. 

Please note that payment for a list cannot be shared under any circumstances. Only one buyer per list will be accepted. Each list may not be resold and/or shared. This list cannot be viewed by anyone but the sole buyer. Incase of business partnerships, each partner must purchase their own list.  

Our lists are currently only available to buyers based in South Africa.