Line Lash and Go Clear

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The S.H.E Hybrid eyeliner is easy to use, beginner friendly and works with any eyelashes. 

Our Hybrid eyeliner combines your eyeliner and lash glue into on beginner friendly product that is none toxic, easy to use and has zero dry time. 

Just Line, Lash and Go. 

Our Hybrid eyeliner:

• Extends the use of your favorite eyelashes as there is minimum product build up on the eyelash band. 

• Has zero dry time. Just draw and immediately apply your eyelashes.

• Is none toxic and works with any eyelashes.

• Is re-stickable. You can easily adjust your eyelashes or completely remove them and reapply them later in the day without applying the eyeliner again. 

• Is great for glitter wing eyeliner or bottom lashes. 

•Can be used alone or used on top of your favorite eyeliner. 

• Is extremely beginner friendly. Just draw a line and apply your eyelashes.